Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Shooting Competition at Fall Conference 2016

Our thanks to Uintah County Attorney Mark Thomas, Uintah County Sheriff Vance Norton and their great staff for sponsoring a shooting competition and dutch oven dinner during Fall Conference.  There were a ton of training officers on hand who coached everyone through the competition.  Those with little to no experience were grateful for the hands-on help.  Even the veteran shooters appreciated the coaches being there.

There were four courses of fire:

1.  The Dueling Tree Station. Shooters were partnered with another shooter. Shooters attempted to turn steel targets to the correct color by impacting each target with accurate rounds on target.

2.  25 Round Course of Fire for Score.

3.  Scenario Based Training Course of Fire. Shooters were seated at a table in a mock courtroom scenario. The shooter was required to engage targets accurately and quickly.

4.  Static 25 Yard Range. Shooters engaged static targets at known and predetermined distances for speed and accuracy from the holster.

Everyone had a great time.  Here are the top 3 scores in each course of fire as well as office and individual scores.

Steel Target Individual Competition
1st: Daryl Bell
2nd: Jann Farris

25 Round Course of Fire
1st: Tim Taylor
2nd: McKay King
3rd: Dale Eyre

 Courtroom Scenario
1st: Jon Stearmer
2nd: Stephen Foote
3rd: Mark Thomas

25-Yard Range
1st: Richard Jorgensen
2nd: Brandon Poll
3rd: Richard Kennerly

Office Scores Based on 3 Events
1st: Duchesne County: 358 points
2nd: Wasatch County: 322.5 points
3rd: Davis County: 314.666 points

 Individual Scores Based on 3 Events
1st: Richard Jorgensen: 362 points
2nd: Scott Sweat: 359 points
3rd: Stephen Foote: 358 points

Sheriff Norton shared the photos he took.  Enjoy.

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